Monday, 28 November 2011

☆.Nail Art Design.☆

So the other day was my madres 50th birthday party (pics coming soon) and of course i had to look the part so i decided to do my nails. I wanted something simple and quick to do and i recently saw a design on the Nailside blog (which i LOVE) so here is my attempt @ it. Here is the link to the one on Nailside.

Things i used:
1 stripper nail art pen
2 nail polishes
Nail tek base ridge filling base coat (Excellent)
OPI Top coat

How i did it: (sorry there are no pics).
1. Base coat each nail
2. Paint base colour (Brown) on each nail and leave to dry
3. cut cellotape strips and stick on nails diagonally
4. pain other side with second nail polish (pink) and leave to dry
5. paint line along the diagonal divide using nail stripper or nail art pen and leave to dry
6. Top coat and youre DONE!

Until next time...Peace & God bless

1 comment:

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