Monday, 5 December 2011

☆.Nollywood Trailer: Kunle Afolayan's Latest Film.☆

Im so excited right now im literrally shaking in my boots (not that im wearing any, ive always wanted to use that expression lol). The highly anticipated movie from Kunle Afolayan is nearly here (peep the trailer below).  The award winning director who recently directed the film The Figurine (Araromire) (2009) is back with another hit!

An arrogant business executive and a warm-hearted fashion designer exchange lives after accidentally swapping their mobile phones at a busy airport.
As some of you know i study Media Arts in my final year with specific interest in screen writing, directing and also acting. This movie is setting a new trend in Nollywood, with its cinematography and attention to genre (comedy) we can see this movie is going to be a great succes.
Im soo excited for this movie to come and and you know i will definitely be giving a review on this as soon as possible!! Enjoy the trailer...

Until next time...Peace & God bless


  1. love this post and the trailer
    I cant wait for this movie to come out :)
    if it coming on the screen in the uk im sooo green with jealousy... cuz here there seem to be no screen screening here.. so im going to be waiting a long time for it to come on-line
    but if u look at the line it want to look like an american film scene with the swapping of of fones... but love the whole thing cuz we nigerians we have added our own ajasa to it...lamo
    and the quality of the video is great, love it.
    One of the films i want to watch is "The Figurine" by Kunle Afolayan, some his work are impeccable.
    love him


  2. Ahh thanks so much girl!
    Hopefully it comes to screens here, they usually have premiers of Nollywood movies in some cinema in South London so I am defo gonna see if i can get to it.
    Ahh Pele hun im sure it will be online before you know it lol.
    You know! I totally agree with the whole looking like an American film, but nowadays most films are replicas of others hehe! Yelz oh u knw hw we do it!
    Ahhh yes the Figurine you should defo try and see it hun!
    We have the same taste, i love him too!!

    :) x


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