Thursday, 29 December 2011

☆.Protective Style of the month.☆

I got my hair did Y'all...whenever i'm in Nigeria, if you dont know by now i ALWAYS get my hair put in twists..its much cheaper and quicker. it cost me 4,000 Naira which is the equivalent of £16, Can you say BOOYAH! (not even a pack of weave is that cheap). That's why i love doing my hair there and one thing i can say is they do it WELL!..I used the popular hair brand called Xpressions in colour #33 and highlights of colour #30. This will be Number the 3rd hairstyle for the protective style challenge I joined on YouTube.  Peep the pics below!

 I lurvvvvv my twists, i think next time though ill get them done slightly bigger as i already had to take out some from the front so it wouldn't break the hair there. Watch out for some style tutorials!

Anyways until next time...Peace & God bless



  1. Pretty!
    I'm willing to bet though that the 4,000 naira you paid was a 'pre-subsidy' price.

  2. Thanks :)! Yup sure was I don't even wanna imagine what it would be now.


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