Tuesday, 12 June 2012

☆.Natural Hair: Simple Styling 2 ways.☆

Here are some picture of how I made two hairstyles out of one. For me being a natural with 4c texture I find that whenever I do things such as twist-outs or braid-outs they become puffy within minutes of me unravelling them. 

This hairstyle pictured below is a chunky twist-out in the back and mini twists which I decided to leave in at the front to create a fringe. This was my day hairstyle.

Later in the evening I had a party to go to so i packed my hair up into a puff and unravelled the mini twists which gave my fringe more definition! I loved the way my hair turned out below, as for the puff I added some water mixed with oils and fluffed it out a bit to try and salvage some definition lol.

Btw I am rocking some FloGlo Stylez rosette earrings (Coming Soon!) I know I keep saying this but seriously this time lol ^_^

Hope you like it guys! 
until next time...Peace & God bless

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