Tuesday, 19 June 2012

☆SOTW: Ms. Jaie- Kilon Poppin' (Music Video) .☆

Heya guys,

Im back with my song of the week and let me tell you this song is what I call a TUNEEEEE and a half :D. I recently came across this song called Kilon Poppin' (which is a way of asking What's Happening in Pidgin English) and from the first listen I was hooked!

Not only is the song catchy and fun her vocals had me mesmerised. Nowadays I feel that it is hard to come across good female Nigerian singers who can produce up-beat songs whilst still maintaining strong vocals. I can only think of a few such as Omawunmi and Waje but I would have to say Ms. Jaie is definitely up there with them, as she doesn't fail to deliver in this track.

Check out the video below:

Anyways guys I have some album reviews and film reviews coming up pretty soon so be on the lookout :)

Until next time guys...Peace & God bless


  1. Aww, network is kinda crappy now, could not listen to this song well, but I sure will be back

    1. Aww no way! You really should girl x


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