Tuesday, 16 October 2012

☆. Versatility of Crotchet Braids.☆

As a natural I am always putting my hair in protective styles as I feel constantly styling my hair can be a pain and I just wanna put it awayyy!! As you guys probably know by now crotchet braids are my go-to hairstyle, when I have nothing else in mind to do (which seems to be all the time)..

I've always wanted to see what a bob type hairstyle would look on me so when I'd finally reach the point when I thought my crotchet braids were ready to be taken down I decided to cut them into a bob just to see what it would look like and here are the results!

From this...

To this...

Seriously guys I would recommend doing crotchet braids to anyone out there be it natural or relaxed! Its so quick and easy to do even by yourself all you need is to be able to cornrow your hair (doesn't have to be neat). Even if you prefer straight hair there are tutorials now for doing crotchet braids with straight kanekalon hair....here is my tutorial below for how I install mine:

Just wanted to leave you with this amazing and encouraging quote picture! Remember that He can't ever let us down, God has no limits!

Until Next time guys, God bless!


  1. wow.I've just noticed how beautiful your hair and skin are

    1. Aww hehe dont make me blush! Thankies :) x

  2. Love the braids. Looks really cute on you.


  3. Wow! Your crochet braids are really nice.. they blend well with your hair...I like your blog too. I came across it recently and I think it's very interesting so I nominated you for the versatile blogger award. Feel free to check it out!!! :)

    1. Thank you girl, its such a easy style to do aswell! Ahh wow thanks i'll be sure to check it out thanks again girl =] x


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