Friday, 9 August 2013

☆.Natural Hair: My new purple hair!.☆

Heya guys,

So by now you should know how much I'm obsessed with colour. A couple months back when I was in the UK I got my hair cut, blowdried, flat ironed and coloured at the 'Darren Scott' salon in Warwick Avenue.

I first head about the salon through a review I read on one of my fav natural hair site, Care For Your Hair

This was my hair to begin with, it had been previously coloured with box dye, you can check out the post on this here.

They used 522 L'oreal with 6% magarel

The colour was left on for about 20 minutes to process

Washed out. 

Blowdried. I was left with a sort of plumy red colour which I loved!!

Believe it or not my hair was straightened, it puffed up after 5 minutes of leaving the salon!

After a week I did a flat twist out on my flat ironed hair and here were the results :D

I was really pleased with how I was welcomed when I arrived at the salon, I was offered a cup of tea whilst the stylist discussed the colour options. I felt relaxed and comfortable the general atmosphere was great!

The only con for me would be the price, it was a bit steep which is why I normally go for my box colours, but the difference is definitely clear when it comes to getting hair professionally coloured. I spent around £100 for the full works but it will not be a regular thing so I guess its okay lol.
Overall I would give my experience a 7/10.

Until next time guys...Peace & God Bless..


  1. Replies
    1. Aww Hun I miss ya too! Don't worry I'm back 😉 hw r u?

  2. I like the colour on you babe...where did you get this done?

    1. Thank you! Got it done when I went back to UK (late post) @ the Darren Scott hair salon

  3. The colour looks great on you, I really want to do something different with my natural hair but I am afraid of colour. I wouldn't know what would suit me. You get it right every time.

    1. Aww thanks babe...girl I just love change but honestly you can't go wrong with dark purples, reds etc the darker the easier and more subtle, hope this helps x

  4. Your hair looks lovely, Folly! Going to a salon for treatment can be expensive but I think that there's also less risk of getting your hair damaged. And those pro-treatments also have some hair care elements in them that can keep your hair healthy even with regular coloring.

    1. Aww thanks so much Stela, I definitely agree! :)


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