Sunday, 8 December 2013

☆.Natural Hair: Bantu Knot out 'Attempt'.☆

Heya guys Happy Sunday!

So I know its been a while since I've posted anything on my natural hair, tutorials etc. I do still love my natural hair but you know it can get a bit tiring sometimes (lets just be honest) the twisting, the braiding, finding a style that works and lasts! Nonetheless I decided to give my natural hair some loving this last week and I've reconnected with my beautiful Maine once again ^-^.

Below is my attempt at a Bantu Knot out, although I didn't get the results I expected I realised that my knots where far too big for me to get enough definition (especially having a 4b-c texture). Next time I try this style I will use smaller sections.

Items Used:
Shea Butter Mix
Water in a spray bottle (mixed with olive oil)
Bobby pins (to keep knots in place).

 The Bantu Knots the next morning

 After they were unraveled

The camera didn't really capture the 'swirls' but I promise you there were some! :D

I'll defo be trying this again and hopefully with better results!

Until next time guys...Peace & God Bless..


  1. It still turned out nice and i love your hair color.

    1. Aww Thank you very much! You can see how I achieved this colour in a previous post :)

  2. I've never tried this sha, maybe I should.

    1. You should o! I know it would come out great with your hair texture x


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