Monday, 10 February 2014

☆.LBHNaija.☆ [Music Review] Omotola - Barren Land.

Can we just be honest with ourselves here...YES Omotola is an icon, YES Omotola is a screen 'goddess', YES she is beautiful and has the full package BUT unfortunately singing was DEFINITELY missing from that package. C'mon it wouldn't be fair if she had all the talent in the world I mean the lady is great, but its really not by force to be able to sing.
Who remembers her other song she released a while back? Nobody? Let me refresh your memories check out the video below.

Can somebody join me and say CRINGE?
So I thought fine lets give her another chance, with an open mind I listened to Barren Land.....and I can say I was deeply disappointed. Heavy auto-tune, no depth in vocal delivery the song was just Bluergh! Fine I get it, she's singing about something that effects our society,a song that should touch hearts but I'm sorry I can't feel any emotion apart from fear, fear of having to listen to the song again!
Don't get me wrong I do love Omotola (when she acts, models, presents etc.) but I can safely say I will never entertain another of her 'songs' again.
So lets just be honest Naija....Omotola should stick to acting hey!

Do you agree? Think i'm too harsh? Drop your comments below.

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