Monday, 10 February 2014

☆.LBHNaija.☆ [Music Review] Solidstar ft. Eva - I'm Sorry.

Introducing a new segment to my blog where I tell the complete and honest truth about all things Naija!

Now I'm not here to hate on anybody but to promote healthy criticism and praise that challenges and in affect raises Nigerian standard/quality in all things. music, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, you know sometimes when you hear something or read about something and you're just like "ummm really!" Yeah so lets begin shall we hehe.


So I hear this song on the radio the other day and I couldn't help myself something had to be said so...
Lets just be honest here, this song is not good. Lacks strong lyrics and Solidstars vocal delivery is very poor. Honestly Eva makes this song, cause  I really don't know which direction Solidstar is trying to take with this single. Can we say Flavour copy?....The issue is that Flavour does what he does well.
C'mon Solidstar lets have more up-beat songs where we don't need to hear much of your 'singing' cause Lets Be Honest Naija thats not where his strengths lie.
Do you agree? Think i'm too harsh? Drop your comments below.

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