Tuesday, 11 February 2014

☆.LBHNaija.☆ [Video/Music Review] Olu Maintain – Ennuff Effizzi.

I was GOBSMACKED when I watched this video. Now I’ve never really thought too much of Mr Maintain, listened to a few of his songs most especially from back in the day who remembers “I am looking for a wifey olu wa femi o” yeah tune ay…well wouldn’t take it that far but I mean the song was cool. Then we had Nawti Nawti which was just another catchy song with plenty booty inside the video to catch anyone’s attention. Then I see this video……...

Firstly does Uncle Maintain not realise he is not a young boy anymore; seriously I was just irritated watching this video. The song does not make any sense to me, it just seemed to start when it was ending :S. All I see is a flashy (well done video if I may add) with no motive. Ok we get it ‘Ennuff Effizzi” you want to show us all that you’re living the life over there in Yankee abi, but honestly he could have used a better song or should I say an ACTUAL song to portray this, to me this was just noise.

Secondly with all that money used to do flashy flashy couldn’t they have at least invested in some APPROPRIATE VIDEO MODELS, I mean c’mon. USA is the ‘Video Vixen Heaven’ no? So why why why are these the models he now decided to use…..and the one with no booty shaking her booty(covers face)no words.  I’m not hating oooo but lets just be honest shall we!
And  That kiss at the end can someone say DISGUSTING!!!

Finally but why was 1 minute of the song used to mention different countries I was soo confused…. “Calabar, Uganda, Malaysia, Kaduna, Abuja, Delta, Bayelsa, Kenya, Ghana”….ummm.

On a good note whoever handled the camera & editing did an AMAZING job, clean crisp images. I wouldn’t really give kudos to the director though because to me it lacked a good concept (as usual).

Do you agree? Think i'm too harsh? Drop your comments below.

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