Wednesday, 2 November 2016

☆SOTW: Falz x Simi - Chemistry .☆

You're probably there like oh c'mon Flo you ain't done this in a while, why now! Well I'm sorry, I am determined to get back on my posting game hehe! Forgive me.

My song of the week is off the new Simi & Falz EP 'Chemistry' that everyone has just been getting excited about. Honestly I was expecting a WHOLE lot from these two, simply because they do work very well together, but I must say only a couple songs stood out to me on the EP.

Anyways my song of the week has to be their lead single 'Chemistry' it's just so lovely, the tempo, Simi's singing and Falz flow, I feel like we hear a more genuine side to him on this track which I love.

Peep the track below:


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